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Our online mental healthcare clinic offers a flexible doctor's timetable, ensuring timely and personalized care for patients from qualified mental healthcare professionals.

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Greater Heights Healthcare

Greater Heights Healthcare Services

Child and Adolescent Mental Health-
Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Supporting young minds' mental wellness

Adult Mental Health
Adult Mental Health

Fostering mental well-being in adults

Counseling and Psychotherapy
Counseling and Psychotherapy

Guiding growth through therapeutic dialogue.

Medication Management (1)
Medication Management

Enhancing treatment through medication oversight

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Financial self-care

Activities related to managing your finances responsibly like budgeting, saving/investing, getting insurance, reducing debt.

Creative self-care

Activities where you can express yourself creatively like art, music, dance, creative writing, DIY projects.


Self-Care Professional

What Are The Different Types of Self-Care?
Physical self-care

Activities that care for your body like healthy eating, exercising, getting enough sleep, taking medications as prescribed, and seeing a doctor regularly.

Emotional self-care

Activities that care for your mind and emotions like journaling, meditation, therapy, aromatherapy, positive affirmations, and setting healthy boundaries.

Mental self-care

How you think and fill your mind with positive psychological well-being that influences your mental health.

Spiritual self-care

Activities that care for your spirit like prayer, visiting a place of worship, reading inspirational literature, connecting with nature, or finding meaning and purpose.

Social self-care

Activities that fulfill your social needs like spending time with loved ones, date nights, socializing with coworkers, joining a book club.

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    At Greater Heights HealthCare, we follow evidence-based medicine guidelines to provide the highest quality of care. We continuously assess new research and technologies to update our treatment plans. Our electronic medical records system helps coordinate team-based care centered around the patient.

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